by Beg For Death

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nathan huddleston
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nathan huddleston Total deathcore turn me on to this album does not let you down gutty and nasty just way I like it! Favorite track: Disgust.
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Frostbitten Breakdowns galore, simple but very effective deathcore who's unpretentious approach gives it some real muscle Favorite track: Disgust.
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released December 9, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Xxpress Studios In Concord Ca.

Kenny Turner - Vocals
Ramon Villarroel - Guitar
Gus Villarroel - Guitar
Matthew Scorca- Drums
Mike Bernardin - Bass



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Beg For Death California

deathcore/hardcore from the SF Bay Area. get hyphy

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Track Name: Disgust
You will burn, for what you've done

In the flames youll realize your hate

not set by, your so called fate

only by the ones that i create

you think your nightmares are just a dream? x4

youve out yourself to fuckin shame

and you still try to fuckin blame.

you still think that your better than everyone, but you still have your own problems to overcome x2

oh, this is your end you'll never breath again, this is your end

you'll never see the light of day again

oh, this is your end you'll never breath again, your last glimpse of sun, never another one x2

you were always wrong x2
Track Name: Sin Ojos
Sin Ojos.

Todos, tan ignorante.

odio se empoera.

yo no tengo paciencia para escoria como usted.
yo no tengo paciencia para ti

tu cabeza tan gruesa, tus ojos tan siegos.

quando vas a ver que tonto tu eres.

sin piensar abres tu boca.

sin ojs tu te vasa ver

sus errores.

todos es perdido

nunca mas.
Track Name: Despondent
its not the first time that ive felt this way

a constant darkness

it eats me up everyday

im not just down,

its like im stuck underground.

and everytime i find myself on my feet im just let down,

I wont let myself drown.

everyface, everyplace, everything a fuckin waste,

we give our lives for just one taste

its safe to say i cherish everyday
no giving up im here to stay.

my, my head feels heavy, hopes are low

but i will not be the one to show.

everything i want to get back, slowly fades and away and turns black.

Less motivation everyday, I never thought these feeings would stay. x3

I dont want to end up like the rest.
Track Name: Burnt Bridges
You thought you could get away
with all the friends you've betrayed
now you must live with the mess
the mess that you have made

You're all alone on your own, its all your fault
you led a life day to day and none of us knew
You're fuckin scum and you know you wont get forgiven
you had your chance and now you've burnt your last bridge

You have lost respect from your own friends
and there's no coming back

There comes a point where you have to give up and ask for help
but you continued with your life as if we weren't around

Words cant show our hate

I cant think of anyone with a heart so fucking cold
I hope the guilt still crushes you when you're fuckin gray and old

You had your last fuckin chance but its time you found a ditch
and lay down and die

You had your chance to make things right

This is for you

You've burnt your last bridge

Beg for death

Your life is fucking worthless

You will never find your way into our world

Life is only better if we never see your face again.
Track Name: Falter
Stuck in a constant cycle of disappointment
Everything is so unclear, nothing at all sincere
if these are the times we will never forget,
is it something I will forever regret.

This life stuck in a net,
our dreams are the same I bet.

Once again I'm stuck in a rut
Can I trust this feeling in my gut.

Each new day you are losing grip,
anchors up lets sail this ship.

This won't be the place I stay
times running out every day.

Everything is so unclear, nothing at all sincere x4

I'll be on my,
be on my way.