by Beg For Death

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This short EP took forever to write, but it is a collection of what we like to listen to mixed into one. Deathcore with plenty of hardcore and beatdown influence, just how we like it.


released August 10, 2014

Recorder summer 2014 with Cody Fuentes.
All music written and performed by Beg For Death.

Kenny Turner - Vocals
Ramon Villarroel - Guitar
Gus Villarroel - Guitar
Matthew Scorca- Drums
Mike Bernardin - Bass

Guest Vocals on Snide Sentiment by Josef Alfonso of Bad Times Crew.



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Beg For Death California

deathcore/hardcore from the SF Bay Area. get hyphy

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Low Light
Im not good enough. For myself or anyone else.
19 years old and sick of this life,
I cannot seem to overcome this strife.
I've been stuck on the same trail.
The harder I try the worse I fail.
Barely getting by and slipping through the cracks. I haven't been this down in a while, ill be just fine ill fake a smile.
Life will never be the same again.
You only have your memories to keep you company when everything is fucking dead and gone.
I thought that there would be something that means more to me, I guess that maybe in death we'll all finally see
Track Name: Snide Sentiment
I don't need help so I can cope. On my own I'll stay afloat.

I never want to use a crutch, It's all I ask it isn't much. My mind is mine I want to stay in touch.
Fuck your excuses, trying to cover your abuses
Stop trying to fit in, you're just doing your self in

Your idea of fun, I just can't relate.
Everything you do I hate.

This X means more than meets the eye . I'll keep this oath until the day I die.
Track Name: Antipodes

I'm so sick of the way things are supposed to be
I can't take anymore of all this symmetry
Day in day out the same routine
Just a cog in a machine
Gave up your dreams for security
Gave in for reliability
Always chasing safety
I won't be happy with this predictability.
Make decisions that you fear
Nothing guaranteed, our end is near
I've found something for me.
I am free.
Track Name: Lack Luster
I feel so tired but I can't sleep.
My mind is racing and It won't stop running.
After so much effort I'm still not fulfilled, I never will be
I'm back where I started.
Everything just slightly out of reach, where I like it best..
Anticipation is all I have have going for me.